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Ladybird Entertainment has programs suitable for daycare centres, playgroups, kindergartens and lower primary school classrooms.

The programs offered in our school programs are based on Inspiring children in five main areas:

  • Fairy Tales and Magic
  • Health and Fitness
  • Performing and Courage
  • Environmental: Recycle, Ruse and Reduce, and
  • Being Kind: Stop Bullying

All programs can be adapted to suit classroom age,  year group curriculum and themes, just let Sandie know what you require. These classroom programs can also be adapted to a 30 minute Stage Show with our Big Friendly Dragon.

We are also happy to help with other school events like fetes, fairs, fundraisers, end of year parties, "Book Week", and school discos with our fairy MC's, stage shows and face painting. Please refer to our Festivals and Events Page for more ideas.

Fairy Tales and Magic

Fairy Sandie accompanied by her shy little possum, Lil Poss, will stir up all sorts of magic in your classroom. With her basket full of instruments and mouthful of magic words, children will explore the realms of their imagination through music, song, dance, games and interactive stories.

"How many bubble fairies can we set free in your classroom?"
"Can you help Fairy Sandie find her lost treasure that she must take back to Fairyland?"

Our school programs can be adapted to suit classroom themes, characters, or any age group - just let Fairy Sandie know what you require.

The program includes 50 minutes of entertainment and 10 minutes for Fairy Sandie to say hello to each of the children, whilst they do their colouring in. Each child will receive a colouring in sheet and pinch of magic dust to take home. Fairy Sandie will delight the hearts of boys and girls and leave them talking about it for days.

Children will explore the realms of their imagination through:

  • music
  • singing
  • dancing
  • actions, and
  • interactive storytelling (with instruments, voice and actions).

Fairy Sandie has an extensive background in the arts, music and drama, and has worked with children for many years. She loves working with children and inspires all sorts of magic.

We are also happy to help with other school events like fetes, fairs, fundraisers, end of year parties,"Book Week", and school discos with our fairy MC's, stage shows and face painting. Please refer to our Festivals and Events Page for more ideas.


Loads of fun!

This 1 hour workshop is sewn together with all sorts of healthy options. Topics which may be included are: fitness, healthy eating, personal hygiene, washing your hands, happy thoughts, being thankful.

Programs can be altered to work together with classroom themes and any age group. This program can be broken into two 30 minute time slots if combined with a craft activity, or making a healthy snack that can be enjoyed at the end.

This program includes:

  • Relaxation and creative visualisation techniques
  • Kid's Yoga - kids will enjoy stretching and looking after their body in a fun and creative environment, using different animal themed yoga poses. Sandie also teaches kids relaxation techniques to help them cope with the hustle and bustle of the fast-paced world we live in. Through creative visualisation and meditation Sandie will give them the tools they need to centre themselves when they feel stressed, or even to help them sleep well at night.
  • Interactive story telling, using yoga poses, actions, sound effects and creative visualisation
  • Singing and dancing
  • Fairy Aerobics fun
  • Discussing why it is good to look after our bodies and minds and keep happy.

Our Motto is:
"Happy Hearts"
"Happy Minds"
"Happy Bodies"


Performing Arts

Fairy Sandie's PERFORMING ARTS Program is great for confidence building and the budding little actor.

This program includes:

  • basic acting games
  • music
  • dance
  • character fun
  • using props and dress-ups
  • make believe
  • interactive storytelling

Kids will love pretending to be different characters through use of props, games, stories and more. There's loads of fun to be had diving into the mountain of dress ups.

Fairy Sandie will turn your whole class into all sorts of characters. She will have them moving, influenced by music and performing different emotions and dynamics. Interactive storytelling, is action oriented, using a range of creative instruments, including finger clicking and other body percussion and voice.

Kids will love strutting the character catwalk.

This workshop is great for building confidence of individuals and group dynamics. It's great to see kids shine whatever their ability.

We are happy to include any classroom or curriculum themes.

This workshop works well for any age group.

Love Our Planet


The "Love Our Planet" is part of our ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION workshop. We teach children the importance of the earth and the environment in our lives and why it's so vital to look after it. We focus on three "Rs" - "RECYCLE" "REUSE" and "REDUCE".

This workshop can either be run as a 1 hour entertainment session or broken up into a 30 minute entertainment session, followed by a 30 minute "Recycled Art or Nature Art " session.

Your class will love participating in interactive storytelling, using instruments, voice, body percussion and actions, whilst accompanied with Fairy Sandie on her Ukulele. Kids will come away from this magical experience, inspired by our Nature Fairy, with many tips and ideas on how to lead a more sustainable life and look after our planet.

They will have lots to share with mum and dad. We can adjust our workshop to work with any Ocean, Forest, or Garden theme.

Singing and Dancing and stirring up some magic:

  • using instruments
  • discussion relating to our planet and ocean
  • games relating to rubbish
  • interactive storytelling, using instruments, voice and actions.

The 30 minute Recycled/Nature Art Project includes:

  • using recycled materials like egg cartons, or
  • using leaves, sticks, bark or something collected from nature
  • we can choose a theme relating to your latest classroom discussions.

Teachers will need to provide use of paints, glues and brushes. Desks may need to be covered in newspaper.

A great classroom workshop to go with any theme. Recycled art is great for Christmas decoration idea.

Be Kind: Put an end to Bullying

This workshop is fun, interactive and designed to inspire children to be aware of their actions and the way they treat others. Through interactive games, storytelling, role play and the use of puppets, Fairy Sandie will inspire children to be more aware of their actions and who they are for others, not just being a reaction in the world.

"We are all human beings with feelings and needs, but we are all individuals." The world would be pretty plain if we were all exactly the same. Happiness is 2x stronger with a friend.

This workshop looks at:

  • what it is to be a friend and to receive friendship
  • accepting others and their differences
  • someone new can teach us new things
  • sharing
  • giving and receiving
  • being kindness
  • having a thankful heart.

It is about creating Harmony not hostility. Children will look at their ways of being through:

  • games
  • body language
  • role play
  • puppets
  • interactive storytelling
  • pictures
  • singing and dancing.

Fairy Sandie has recently been working with the children in Cambodia and with children in Indigenous communities. She loves sharing the magic of different cultures, communities, countries and abilities. We all have something to share and something new to learn.