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Supporting Kids in Cambodia

In Early June 2012 Fairy Sandie visited Siem Reap in Cambodia.

Fairy Sandie never travels without her wings and when asked to come and share some magic at "Kralanh School" in Siem Reip , Cambodia, she was delighted.

The Cambodian Children were intrigued with the magic she shared. Most had never seen a real Fairy and some were a little unsure.

With an interpreter and the faint sound of her music, coming from the only computer in the school, she managed to introduce a classroom of 40 kids to some magic words, actions and a magic trick. She said hello to many a classroom and was the talk of the school for many weeks to follow. They loved the magic and the sparkle on their faces and Fairy Sandie met at least 400 children out of 1000 kids at the school that day.

Cambodia's Unsettling Past

Some were a little unsure of something so vibrant and magical and some were a little hesitant to say hello. Cambodia is still healing from its not so long ago past of war and suffering. The children seemed pretty open but they know to well of their tragic past and their parents fear of new things. They might not agree. It is so recent the suffering, Fairy Sandie was very moved. Everyone had a story. They are the children of parents that suffered a devastating past when they were children.

Wanting to help!

When Fairy Sandie returned to Australia, the kids of Cambodia were still on her mind. She was so touched by their meeting she longed to support them and wandered how Ladybird Entertainment could do so. At the same time an email asking for our support arrived from Kralanh School and she new they were meant to be connected and Ladybird Entertainment was destined to get involved.

What will it go towards?

They are very much in need of new buildings, computers, sports equipment and a playing fields. They are growing a Permaculture Farm to contribute to their kids, inspiring sustainable techniques and supporting a community with a healthy positive future. To do this we will need more volunteers and more, equipment and teachers.

Who is behind it.

The main woman driving this school to grow with an unstoppable energy is Soluy Loeurt. Fairy Sandie was very inspired by Soluy's devotion to help each and everyone of the kids at Kralahn School have an education It is an honour to team up with such a wonderful person.

Where to begin!

Ladybird Entertainment will donate $5 from every party and event to help Kralahn School. This is just the beginning of a growing relationship between Ladybird Entertainment and the kids in Cambodia.