Imagine a Magical Fairy arriving to your next party!

With a giggle and a wiggle and a tickle and a sparkle she will have you stirring up some extra special birthday magic.

Singing and dancing and all sorts of fairy fun to be shared. Learn the secrets of ….

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Why are Pirates so Piratey??…………Because they aaaaarrrrrggghh!!!!

A Swash Buckley Pirate is keen to come to your ocean party and stir up some Pirate Mischief…….AAARRRGH!!

Yes Me Hearty, they may be a bit bossy, a wee bit rude and little bit gruff, but they’ll have you hollering like a Pirate before the tide comes in….

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Mermaids and Seafairies

Would you like a Beautiful Mermaid with her shimmery tail, to come and play at your Ocean Party??!

Our Magical Mermaid Queen would love to share a splash of birthday magic with you and your friends.  I wonder which of her ocean friends will be hiding in her beach basket of fun?? Together they will have you… Read More

Teddybears' Picnic

“A Birthday Surprise” With a Beautiful Fairy and your favourite Teddy bear!

Come on Teddies, let’s stir up some special birthday magic. With a basket of instruments, some funny magic words, there will be singing and dancing and loads of fun.

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Fairies and Dragon Party

Sometimes you can hear a Dragon or a Dinosaur roar from far, far away, but sometimes they are just around the next corner and their roar can be terribly loud.

A Mystical Fairy with her shy pet Dragon puppet, will stir up some … Read More

Disco Party

Get ready to Dance, Dance, Dance!!!!

Let’s get this party started!!! Read More

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