Giggle Wiggle Tickle Sparkle Show

A group of girls dressed up in flower crowns.

A Giggle and a Wiggle will put magic in your feet and get you dancing!

Two women wearing colorful clothing on a stage.

With some magic words and a magical beat

there will be magic in your fingers and even in your feet.

With a clap and a rumble, a tickle and a woo!

lots of cheeky actions you can do it too!

Fly like a fairy, hoot like an owl,

wake up those goblins and hear those Dragons growl!!!!!

Pop lots of shiny bubbles and set those fairies free.

Dance and jump and turn around and go a little crazy!

Loads of dancing, singing, laughing and all sorts of Fairy magic!

  • 30min show, followed by a meet and greet the performers afterwards.
  • Fairy Sandie from Ladybird Entertainment has written the music for the show, so we have CDs available after the show.
  • We would love to quote you a package to suit your event and budget.
  • Let us know what you are interested in
  • You may like to add some face painting, roving characters, a craft station or a photo booth.
  • We can perform our “Giggle, Wiggle, Tickle, Sparkle, Show” for any audience size, stage size and adapt for any event.
A group of girls in colorful costumes sitting on a stage.

Suited for both, boys and girls, and we do make lots of Dragon references.

Our Show is fabulous with two Fairies or a Fairy and an Elf.

Or you may want to include our big Dragon: The Fairy and Dragon Show!!

For bigger shows it does look splendid to include our dancing Fairies.

It brings loads of colour to a stage.

Celebrating the magical realms of the imagination.

Inspiring kids to create joy and magic in their world they live in.

A woman dressed as a dragon.
Three women dressed up as fairy posing in the woods.

A great show for

  • Festivals
  • Schools
  • Libraries
  • Shopping Centres
  • Playgroups
  • Day Care Centres
A group of children dressed in colorful costumes on a stage.

Combine one or two shows along with, some roving characters, face painting/glitter station photo booth or craft.

We are happy to discuss any ideas with you.

Fill in an enquiry form and let us know all that you are interested in and we will see if we can package a variety of entertainment to suit your budget.

Face Painting 

Recycled or Bush Craft.

Roving Fairies

Photo booth and Props

A woman dressed as a fairy sits at a table with flowers.
A group of colorful feathers hanging from a window.
A woman dressed as a fairy in a colorful dress.
A group of children posing for a photo.

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