Little Wild Wings: Term Workshops

A group of children dressed up in fairy costumes.

Weekly fun,in a magical garden! Go a little Wild!

A woman in a fairy costume is hugging a group of children.

You can come casually, $15/wkor book the rest of Term (with 5weeks min booked, $12/week)

Each week Fairy Sandie loves to have a fairygathering in a lovely garden setting.

“Little Wild Wing’s” is where we cancome togetherand share 1hr of magical fun and go a little Wild!

Lots of little Fairy rituals and fun ideas that kids will remember for a life time.

We fairies love sewing seeds of joy in young hearts, that they can take into their future.

Enjoy singing and dancing, a little kids yoga, storytelling, craft,all sorts of Fairy Magic and a Tea Party too!!.

Yes, a fairy tea party, with a real tea set and a some fruit to share..

Each week we enjoy getting crafty with Fairy Sandie’s Craft Ideas.

She loves sharing recycled craft ideas or making craft from the nature in the garden.

We love nature!!!

Flyer to Download& Share!

A flyer for little wild wings.
A woman dressed as a fairy sits at a table with children.

Both boys and girls are welcome!

  • any age above 2yrs, unless you are at school.
  • come casually or book for the rest of term.

(Cheaper if term booked, available till week 5)

  • Held in Hilton ,

  • Thursday Mornings

  • 9.30am-10.30am

Flyer is available to download,you are welcome toshare with your friends.

Some of our Favourite Magical Memories!!

A little girl holding an egg and a doll.

Plastic Bag Puppets.

A boat made of sticks and confetti.

Egg Carton/Nature Pirate Ships.

A woman and children sitting on grass.

Magical wishes and Fairy Rings.

A flower made out of paper on a brick wall.

Recycled Craft Flowers.

A group of sticks with different hats on them.

Stick Gnomes with egg carton hats.

Two bees sitting on a bench.

Egg Carton Bumble Bees.

A woman dressed in a fairy costume is playing with a toy.

Ribbon stick dancing and fun.

A woman dressed in a fairy costume with a child on her lap.

Pom pom dancing.

A group of children are gathered around a circle of sticks and leaves.

Nature Mandalas and wishing!

A woman dressed in a fairy costume is standing next to a tree.

Loving trees and nature play.

A woman dressed as a fairy sits at a table with children.

Magical Tea Parties!

A teddy bear sits next to a basket of flowers and a ukulele.

Fun Fairy Setting!

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