Holiday Classes/Club Fairy

A group of children dressed up in fairy costumes.

Holiday Fun, for budding, creative kids!

A group of children with painted hands in a circle.
Four children in costumes, smiling at the camera during a party, with one dressed as a cat and others in colorful dresses and accessories.

At parties we fairies fly in and out and don’t get to spend enough time with the kids.

Club Fairy Holiday Program allows us to come together and share some 3hrs of creative fun.

Fairy Sandie has a background in performing arts, teaching kids yoga and visual arts and she loves sharing lots of fun she has learnt over the years.

Inspiring creativity, in a safe and fun environment.

Kids can discover their confidence in self expression.

They will get wonderfully creative and enjoy making a wonderful art piece that you will use in a performance.

Dress up, sing, dance all sorts of performing fun.

Enjoy interactive storytelling using instruments, body percussion, actions and voice.

At the end of the day we will put on a little show for the parents

July Holiday Program

Wk 1:

Fairy Sandie will be in the Pilbara Central Desert in the first week of the School holidays.

Look out for pictures of her travels.

Wk 2:

Tuesday: 10-1pm, Fairies and Dragons, storytelling, fairy puppets, fairy bread. Ages 4yrs and above.

Wednesday: 10-1pm, Bush Fairies, bush critters, performing arts and games. Making damper in the fire. Ages 4yrs and above

Wednesday big kids: 2pm-5pm, : Bush Fashion, face painting and performing games. Making damper in the fire. Ages 8yrs and above

Thursday: 10-1pm: Ocean Pirate Mermaid Fun. Ages 4yrs and above.

Children in a dance class holding hands and practicing ballet moves in a colorful room with mats on the floor.
Two little girls are playing with pom poms in the grass.


  • 3 hrs of fun, We have programs that suit girls and boys.
  • $45 for 3 hrs (siblings or more than 1 class booked $40each)
  • Different themes on different days.
  • We would love to see you: please fill in the Enquiry form so we can send you the details.
  • Present a show for mum, or dad or your grandparents, or who ever will pick you up at the end.



Download the flyer and share with your friends!!

We love to meet new people!!

Club Fairy Holiday Fun Flyer

January school holiday fun flyer.

Loads of fun for Boys and Girls!!

Visual Arts and Craft!

Fun with Friends.

Dress Up Games!

Kid’s Yoga, and Performing Games!

A group of dolls with feathers on sticks.
A group of children are sitting at a table making food.
A little girl dressed up in a colorful hat.
A backyard party with pink and purple decorations.

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