Spooky Fairy Dance Show

Two women dressed up in fairy costumes posing for a photo.

Halloweeeeeeeen Fun!!!!! Lets Get Spooky!!!

A woman in a costume holding a spider.

It’s spooky time!!’

It may becreepy and a little bit scary

better watch out you’d better be wary.

A bang and a screech, a hiss and a growl,

a scream and a gurgle and a hoot of an owl.

Zombies and ghosts and Halloween creatures

will gather and dance with their haunting features.

It’s dark and it’s spooky, you may get a fright.

Why don’t you come and join us,we could dance all night!!!

Loads of dancing, singing, laughing and all sorts of Spooky fun!

  • 30min show, followed by ameet and greet the performers afterwards.
  • We would love to quote you a package to suit your event and budget.
  • Let us know what you are interested in
  • You may like to add some face painting, roving characters, a craft station or a photo booth.
  • We can perform our “Spooky Show” for any audience size, stage size and adapt for any event.
A woman in a costume holding a pumpkin.

Suited for both, boys and girls and the whole family!

Our Show is fabulous with two Spooky Fairies, or any other spooky characters you may like to include. For bigger shows it does look splendid having our dancing

Spooks. It brings loads of colour to a full stage.

Celebrating Halloween fun, Day of the Dead and other spooky occasions.

A wonderful dress up occasion for the entire family!

Two women sitting on a couch.

A great show for

  • Festivals
  • Schools
  • Libraries
  • Shopping Centres
  • Playgroups
A woman dressed as a devil holding a pumpkin.

Combineone or two shows along with, some roving characters, face painting/glitter stationphoto booth or craft.

We are happy to discuss any ideas with you.

Fill in an enquiry form and let us know all that you are interested in and we will see if we can package a variety of entertainment to suit your budget.



A group of girls with sugar skull face paint at a party.



Black spiders hanging from a tree.

Roving and


A woman dressed up in a costume and holding a balloon.

Photo Booth

and spooky sets

Two women sitting on a couch.

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