Fairy Parties

A woman and a child with flowers on their head.

Ladybird Entertainment is coming to the Margeret River Region early 2018. Stay tuned!

Imagine a real Fairy arriving at your next party!!

With a Giggle and a Wiggle anda Tickle and a Sparkle,

Your Fairy,will have you stirring up some extra special birthday magic.

Singing, dancing, magic, interactive gamesand all sorts of fairy fun to shared

Help the Fairy Queen find her lost Fairy Treasure before those Grumpy Gnomes find out!!

Fabulous, fun entertainmentfor girls and boys!

A Magical Birthday Party you will remember for ever!

Our Party Package.

  • 80 minutes of entertainment,including a dash of face paint: $255 for up to 20 kids ($10/child above 20)
  • + Petrol (75c/km from Hilton/Your Venue/Hilton) or South West (Margaret River/Your Venue/Margaret River)
  • up to 30minutes travel, each way,is included in your party package.
  • Over 30minutes there will be a charge. We will let you know in your quote.
  • Your Fairy will stay with you for 80 minutes, in this time you may like her to have a photo with the birthday child and their friends.
  • Before the fairy leaves it might be nice to sing happy birthday and blow out the candles.

An extra performeror face painter?

If you would like more than a dash of face painting,or you have an extra large party you may like another Elf, Pirate or Fairy to assist.

80minutes is $150

Often there may be 2 children sharing a party, which is a lovely idea.

  • Cost will be $15 per extrabirthday child.

Party Invitations

A fairy party invitation with a photo of a girl and flowers.

What about Boys??

Boys are welcome and arevery much included.

The more boys – the more, delightfully,silly the fun!

We welcome super heroes, wizards, pirates or any of their favourite characters.

Parties can be adjusted easily to suit any age.

A party with a larger age range may prefer our Disco Party Package (available in any theme)

Performance Space

  • We need space for everyone to sit in a nice big circle.
  • Please have a mat for the children to sit on, with space for your Fairy at one end.
  • Please make sure we have a sheltered spot from the elements.
  • Power near by if possible, (or let us know to charge our equipment)
  • We will let you know howyour Fairy will make her grand arrival.
  • Party performance times: 10:30am, 1:00pm and 3:30pm.
  • We request you start the party 30 minutes prior to our performance time; it gives time for late arrivals, settling in and present giving.

Pass the parcel and lolly bags?

  • Let us know if you would like us to include “Pass the Parcel”
  • We can provide a parcelfor $5 per child, or we can use a parcel provided by you.

We don’t do lolly bags as we are friends with the “Tooth Fairy”!

  • However our Cd, used in the party, makes a great gift idea for Guests ($10 each includes 6 songs written by Fairy Sandie, from Ladybird Entertainment)
  • Remember the birthday child will already be receiving one as a gift from us.Please let us know how many CD’s you would like to purchase.

$5 for each party booked goes towards Supporting Kids in Cambodia.

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