Pirate Parties

Two women in pirate costumes posing for a photo.

So you’d like a Pirate, at your next Party, aye?!

#We are now taking bookings for parties in the Margaret River Region, ready to start in September.

Man in pirate costume sitting in a small wooden ship prop, holding a staff, with pirate flags and greenery in the background.

Ahoy there MeHearties!……..

Why are Pirates so Piratey??…………Beacause they aaaaarrrrrggghh!!!!

A Swash Buckley Pirate is keen to come to your ocean party and stir up some Pirate Mischief…….AAARRRGH!! Yes Mehearty, they may be a bit bossy, a wee bit rude and little bit gruff, but they’ll have you hollering like a Pirate before the tide comes in

You will be hitting the deck, jumping the rope and experiencing all pirate capers.

An ocean friend (a puppet) may be hiding in the Pirate trunk of fun.  Loads of singing and dancing, ocean secrets, bubble fun, treasure hunt and more.

So hold your swords high and lets stir up some Pirate Magic. Aaaaaghhhhh!!!

*Your Pirate will visit you and your ocean friends for 80 mins.

*Our Invitations are available to down load below.

*Entertainment, a dash of face painting and a little Piratey time at the end for Photos, Birthday cake and spending time with you.

*The birthday child will receive a pirate garden (called pirate island) to plant and our Ladybird Entertainment CD.

*Each of your friends will take home a special Pirate treasure, from the pirate trunk

*Our package details below.

Our Party Package.

  • 80minutes of Pirate Fun, $255 for up to 20 kids ($10/child above 20)
  • + Petrol (75c/km from Hilton/Your Venue/Hilton) or South West (Margaret River/Your Venue/Margaret River)
  • up to 30 minutes travel, each way, is included in your party package.
  • Over 30 minutes there will be a charge. We will let you know in your quote.


A man in a pirate costume holding a blue mirror.

Often there may be 2 children sharing a party, which is a lovely idea.

It is $15 per extra birthday child.


Pirate Invitations

A pirate party invitation with children on a boat.

Performance Space

  • We need space for everyone to sit in a nice big circle.
  • Please have a mat for the children to sit on, with space for your Pirate at one end.
  • Please make sure we have a sheltered spot from the elements.
  • Power near by if possible, (or let us know to charge our equipment)
  • We will let you know how we have the Pirate make their grand arrival.
  • Party performance times: 10:30am, 1:00pm and 3:30pm.
  • We request you start the party 30 minutes prior to our performance time
  • It gives time for late arrivals, settling in and present giving.

Pass the parcel and lolly bags.

  • Let us know if you would like us too include “Pass the Parcel”
  • We can provide for $2/child, or we can use a parcel provided by you

We don’t do lolly bags as we are friends with the “Tooth Fairy” 

  • However our Cd, used in the party, makes a great gift idea for Guests ($10 each includes 6 songs written by Fairy Sandie, from Ladybird Entertainment)
  • Remember the birthday child will already be receiving one as a gift from us, when letting us know how many CD’s you are after.

$5 for each party booked goes towards Supporting Kids in Cambodia.

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