Stage Shows

Two women dressed in colorful costumes on stage.

Fabulous Family Entertainment!

You have a wonderful selection of stage shows to choose from. Our stage shows bringso muchfun, to any event.

Loads of singing, dancing, actionsand magic to suit any theme or age group.

Giggle Wiggle Tickle Sparkle Show!

Mermaid and Sea Fairy Show

Two women wearing colorful clothing on a stage.

With a Giggle and a Wiggle and a Tickle

and a Sparkle, the Fairies, will have you……Read More!

Two women dressed as mermaids sitting on a blanket.

Godeep, deep down in the ocean blue.

Share ocean secrets with a Mermaid or two.

Underwater magicyou’ll get toexplore.…. Read More

Piratey Pirate Show!

Wild Wings: Bush Fairy Magic

Two women in clothing posing for the camera.

Arrgh! Mehearties!!! Hello Mate!

It’s a Pirate Ship we stay up late!!

Raise the Anchor Buckaneer…. Read More.

Two women posing for a photo in a forest.

The bush and its creatures, hiding all around.

with some bush fairy magic, …. Read More

Teddy Bear and Fairy Fun!

Fairy Disco Dance Show!

A teddy bear sits next to a basket of flowers and a ukulele.

Hey There, Teddy Bear, dancing to the beat.

Hey There, Teddy bear, kickin’ yourfeet.

Hey There, Teddy Bear,…Read More

A woman in a ladybug garment.

Shake your head and turn around.

Shake and groove and touch the ground.

Go socrazy, dance thatfloor…..Read More

Spooky Fairy Dance Show!

Easter Fairy Fun!

Two women in clothing posing for the camera.

It’s spooky time!!’

It may becreepy and a little bit scary

better watch out, you’d better be wary……..Read More.

A woman in a garment.

Stir up some Easter magic, jump up and down

It’s very exciting, when magicis around.

….Read More

Christmas Fairy Stage Show!

Two women in red dresses and flowers.

Stir up someChristmas magic, send it way up high.

It’s very exciting, when Christmas is nigh!

…..Read More

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