Fairy and Dragon/Dinosaur Party.

A woman and a girl wearing green and purple clothing.

Can youroar like a big loud Dragon or Dinosaur????

A woman and a child in clothing.
A woman dressed as a fairy holding a stuffed animal.

Ladybird Entertainment is coming the Margaret River Region early 2018. Stay tuned!

Sometimes you can hear a Dragon or a Dinosaurroar from far, far away, but sometimes they are just around the next corner and their roar can be terribly loud.

A Mystical Fairy with her pet Dragon puppet, will stir up some ancient magic.

With some magical words, a song and adance, she will test your magic just to make sure you are true believers.

Make wishes, pop thousands of tiny bubbles, wake up those goblins

and ROAR like a Dragon………….. Rooooaaaaaarrrrrr!!

A Dragon Fairy party is fabulous for both girls and boys.

We can call this a Dinosaur Party and add some Dinosaur touches for those Dinosaur lovers.

Our Party Package.

  • 1hr & 20minsofFairy and Dragon Fun:$255 for up to 20 kids ($10/child above 20)
  • + Petrol (75c/km from Hilton/Your Venue/Hilton) or South West (Margaret River/Your Venue/Margaret River)
  • up to 30mins travel, each way,is included in your party package.
  • Over 30mins each way, there will be a performer travel time charge. We will let you know in your quote.

Often there may be 2 children sharing a party, which is a lovely idea.

  • If they are siblings it is an extra $5 and you will receive a CD to share and a Dragon/Dinosaur Garden (We call a Jungle) each.
  • If they are friends it is $15/extra birthday child.

Fairy and Dragon Invitations!

A dragon book party invitation with a dragon and sunflowers.

Performance Space

  • We need space for everyone to sit in a nice big circle.
  • Please have a mat for the children to sit on, with space for your Fairy at one end.
  • Please make sure we have a sheltered spot from the elements.
  • Power near by if possible, (or let us know to charge our equipment)
  • We will let you know how we have the Fairy make her grand arrival.
  • Party performance times: 10:30am, 1:00pm and 3:30pm.
  • We request you start the party 30 minutes prior to our performance time
  • It gives time for late arrivals, settling in and present giving.

Pass the parcel and lolly bags.

  • Let us know if you would like us too include “Pass the Parcel”
  • We can provide for $2/child, or we can use a parcel provided by you

We don’t do lolly bags as we are friends with the “Tooth Fairy”

  • However our Cd, used in the party, makes a great gift idea for Guests ($10 each includes 6 songs written by Fairy Sandie, from Ladybird Entertainment)
  • Remember the birthday child will already be receiving one as a gift from us, when letting us know how many CD’s you are after.

$5 for each party booked goes towards Supporting Kids in Cambodia.

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